Favourite dishes of refined cuisine for Tsars

The first Russian restaurant is almost as old as Saint-Petersburg is - more than three hundred years. It was the favourite place of Peter the Great. Don't miss a chance to feel yourself like a guest at Tsar's table, and at the same time get to know what kind of extravagance the Emperor cuisine was famous for, and what foreign ambassadors were treated with and which dishes Peter the Great himself preferred.

The Peter and Paul Fortress is said to be heart of Saint-Petersburg for the construction of the city started with it. This is where the first restaurant appeared – the favourite place of Peter the Great. Having established “Window to Europe” and in this way caused culinary revolution in Russia, the Tsar put up a good show in foreign ambassadors' eyes. This is when magnificence of Tsar's cuisine impressed foreign visitors, and real masterpieces of cooking art appeared. Igor Vukolov got absorbed in wisdom of how to prepare Tsar sterlet with crab mousse, rasstegai* with salmon and other dishes considered to be favourite ones of festive table of Peter the Great. *Rasstegai is open-topped pastry.

Recipe «Sterlet stuffed with crab and salmon mousse»

Recipe «Rasstegai* with salmon and leek»

Recipe «Salad with lamb meat with baked pepper and home-made cheese»

Sterlet stuffed with crab and salmon mousse recipe serves 4 persons; preparation time ~ 30 minutes; cooking time ~ 60 minutes Ingredients: 1 kg. sterlet 200 g. crab meat, 150 g. salmon fillet, 33% creams 20 ml., 15 g. gelatine, alga nori. Directions: Clean sterlet and peel throughly. Salt and leave for a while. Prepare crab mousse. Warm up cream in a pan. Add chopped crab meat. Roast for 5 minutes, add gelatine. Stirring slowly bring to boil and stew for 5-7 minutes. Gelatine should be melted completely. Put our of the fire, let it cool and shake with blender until smooth. Do not salt! Prepare salmon mousse. Repeat the previous actions but with salmon fillet. Salt a little at the end of stewing. Put crab mousse on alga nori and roll. Place sterlet into a cling film with a belly up. Cover the inside part of the fish with salmon mousse. Put crab roll above. Then cover again with salmon mousse. Roll sterlet into a cling film thoroughly so that mousse is inside. The sterlet should be entirely covered with film. Steam it at 100 degrees for an hour. Serve with mayonnaise, shrimps and finely cut salmon fillet. Rasstegai* with salmon and leek recipe serves 2 persons; preparation time ~ 20 minutes; cooking time ~ 15 minutes Ingredients: 300 g. yeasty short pastry, 100 g. raw salmon filllet, 2 boiled eggs, leek, 1 tablespoon mayonnaise. Directions: Prepare stuffing. Chop raw salmon meat, leek and eggs finely. Blend in one plate and add mayonnaise. Salt to taste. Divide pastry into small buns, them roll them into thin flat cakes. Put stuffing in the middle of each flat cake. Make a pie. Roll edges up so that there's a hole in the middle. Put into oiled with butter baking tray. Spread each rasstegai with whipped egg and leave to draw for 10-15 minutes. Then put rasstegai into oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. *open-topped pastry. Salad with lamb meat with baked pepper and home-made cheese recipe serves 2 persons; cooking time ~ 20 minutes Ingredients: 200 g. lamb fillet, rocket, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, home-made cheese, Bulgarian pepper. For marinade: 40 g. olive oil, 20 g. honey, vinegar. Directions: Bake Bulgarian pepper in oven. Peel it and clean out of seeds. Prepare marinade. Blend honey, oil and a little bit of vinegar. Cut pepper into slices and pour with marinade. Leave to marinade for a hour. Roast lamb fillet in a pan until medium readiness (5-7 minutes). Tear lettuce. Add rocket. Salt, season with olive oil and blend. Put mix of lettuce with rocket in the middle of a large plate. Place slices of home-made cheese, finely cut lamb fillet, pickled pepper around it. Serve with cherry tomatoes divided into two.