The Ataman cossack village

When did the Kuban cossacks first appear in Russia, and what kind of life did the cossacks lead in Kuban? You can learn all this in the Cossack village of Ataman, where visitors learn about ancient ceremonies and crafts in a colorful Cossack atmosphere.

The Taman peninsula is a land where people have lived for thousands of years. The history of the Kuban krai began here, when the first Black Sea cossacks settled on the shores of the Taman two hundred years ago. You can learn about their way of life in the Cossack village of Ataman, which RTG TV presenter Andrey Ivanov visits. The huts of the ataman, blacksmith, fisherman, barber, and saddlemaker are maintained in the Cossack style. In Ataman you can see how weddings and housewarmings were celebrated, and in the old school they show how young Cossack boys and girls learned how to read and write.