Andrey Yakovishin. Artist and blacksmith

Forged gates, garden gratings of Saint-Petersburg made by masters in 18-19th centuries are still considered to be model of blacksmith art. How has the oldest trade changed for centuries of its existence? Get to know it with RTG TV channel.

Blacksmith is the oldest occupation. Today it’s a real art, the art to subdue the elements and bend metal to one’s will by turning it into plastic pliant material. Blacksmith's school of Saint-Petersburg is considered to be the best one in Russia, and Andrey Yakovishin is a talented representative of its young generation. Andrey is a member of Union of Russian Artists and the Moscow Union of Designers, participant and prize-winner of numerous international exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. His creations impress with variety and beauty, these are metallic gates light as a lace, and sculptures that decorate gardens and parks of Saint-Petersburg, as well as weather vanes, gratings of squares… Andrey Yakovishin will share his secrets with viewers of Russian Travel Guide.