Active holiday in Altay

Altai is a perfect place for people who prefer active lifestyle.

RTG TV channel tour around Altai starts in the city of Barnaul. This is the capital of Altai Region. Tourists from all over the world come here because you can easily get to Altai mountains from here. Altai is an ancient region with fabulous range of mountains. Altai is situated on the border of 4 countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. Our presenter Andrej Ivanov goes from Kuraj Village to mountain-climbers camp, located in Aktra canyon. This camp was organized about a hundred years ago and mountain-climbers from all over the world still come here. This is the place where you start to climb the mountain. On top a spectacular view is waiting for our viewers - one of Altai ices. Ice world of Altai is huge and extremely beautiful. Some ice concentrations are thousands years old. Ice bodies are huge, their width can reach 300 meters, so ices can't stay on hills for a long time and they are gradually creeping down. Don't miss the opportunity to see the sunset in Altai mountains. Part of the program is dedicated to mountain rivers and, as a rule, together with mountain rivers comes rafting. Altai is not an exception. Here you can find water routes with difficulty level ranging from the lowest up to the highest. The rest of the trip we spend riding a horse. This is an exciting trip from Itkai center through Mountain Pass to the rise of Bertka river.