A Karelian cruise, Valaam

Grand trip along the sacred places of Karelia. RTG TV team headed by the presenter and the stage director Urij Pesyakov sets out to the five-day journey around Karelia.

RTG TV team headed by the presenter Urij Pesyakov sets off on a long trip around Karelia. The program begins in St-Petersburg, where «Svyataya Rus» ship leaves the River boat station. The name of the ship «Svyataya Rus» means «Holy Russia» and actually this defines the basic idea of the cruise. Our viewers will visit Valaam Island in Lake Ladoga where for more then 10 centuries Valaam Monastery of Russian Orthodox Church is situated. The viewers will find out who and when established the monastery, they will also visit Valaam archipelago skete. Skete is a little m onastery, but it has more strict rules and regulations. There are 11 sketes on archipelago and monks still live in some of them. Later our presenter goes to Svyato-Troickij Monastery, which was founded by venerable Aleksandr Svirskij. The ship, going along the river Svir, brings the passengers to the famous Lake Onega. There on Kizhi Island is an amazing wooden museum, where you can see fantastic wooden churches built without nails. The next part of the program is in the capital of Karelia Republic — Petrozavodsk city. The ship «Svyataya Rus» goes back to St-Petersburg from here. Exciting adventures are waiting for tourists on the way back — in the village Verhnie Mandrogi there is a special tourism center where managers offer a special entertainment program.