Tsarskoe Selo. Catherine Park

Once under Elizabeth Petrovna a French ambassador remarked upon the Catherine Palace: «a casket for this jewel». The luxurious park surrounding today the emperor residence is that very casket, which preserves the masterpiece of architect Rastrelli.

The daughter of Peter the Great Elizabeth who had inherited the residence laid out a French style regular park around the Palace. Contemporaries were astonished by the strict lines of paths and alleys, pruning trees into geometric shapes, peculiar halls and galleries made of shrubs. Each of numerous garden pavilions constructed in the park is intended for special purposes. The following owner of Tsarskoe Selo Catherine the Great added the French garden with English regular one where another philosophy reigned: the landscape had to be as natural as possible with a minimum human interference. However succession and taste refinement of both owners are felt there. We propose you a promenade around the masterpiece of park and garden art in this film.