Tour of Stavropol

Stavropol is located on south-west slope of Stavropol elevation. Just in the middle of Europe and Asia, the Azov and the Caspian Seas. It's name is of Greek origin and means City of Cross. The city was founded in 1777 by order of Catherine the Second. It was she who gave it name.

Stavropol was created as a fortress city as a part of the Azov-Mozdok defensive line. It was to protect borders of Russian Empire and support armies. But in fact the serfdom garrison was attacked only once. 200 Cossacks coped easily with a numerous highland detachment. By the end of 18th century the city has become, above all, the major economic center of the region. However these lands had been settled long before the Russian army came. The first traces of settlements founded by the archaeologists date back to 4th century BC. Scientists claim representatives of ancient Maykop culture lived there during the Bronze Age. Later other peoples came there: the Kobans, the Scyths, the Sarmatians, the Khazars. They built there fortresses and even whole towns. What is most interesting that all they were located in the territory of modern Stavropol. The presenter of RTG Irina Pudova learnt why people chose these place to live during centuries, how Stavropol got its Greek name and what is its way of contemporary living.