Russian wedding feasts

Russian wedding as other significant events in one's life, is always accompanied by special culinary ceremonies. Together with chief cooker of «Emelian or Po Shuchemy Veleniu»* the presenter will prepare dishes that Russian wedding table has been served with from time immemorial.

The wedding in Russia has always been celebrated magnificently. It's always associated with numerous rite actions, most of which are now forgotten. Why a traditional bride's wedding finery was a red sarafan**? Why no wedding table could do without stuffed pike and special pie kurnik***? Get to know all this in program and learn how to cook national traditional dishes of Russian wedding table. *This name refers to a famous Russian fairy-tale by Aleksandr Rou. ** Sarafan is a traditional Russian long, shapeless jumper dress worn as Russian folk costume by women and girls. *** Kurnik is a Russian cupola-shaped pie stuffed with chicken, potato, onion and mushrooms.

Recipe «Kurnik»

Recipe «Stuffed pike»

Kurnik recipe serves 10 persons; cooking time ~ 60 minutes Ingredients for stuffing: 200 g. champignon, 1 onion, 200 g. ceps, chicken breast, 200 g. boiled rice, 3 boiled eggs, 300 ml. chicken bouillon, 60 g. flour, butter, 200 ml. cream, yeast pastry, pancake pastry. Directions: Prepare three stuffings for pie. For the first one cut champignons and ceps into dice and roast with chopped onion on a vegetable oil. For the second one chop chicken breast and roast until half readiness. Prepare Bechamel sauce*: melt butter in a frying pan, pour flour, roast until light golden and dilute with cream. Mix roasted chicken with sauce. The third stuffing consists of boiled rice, chopped greenery with bouillon for juiciness. Cook 12 pancakes. Roll out two flat cakes, a big and a little one. Put pancakes one by one on a little flat cake by rotating all three stuffings. Cover it with the second flat cake, roll the edges. Spread surface with whipped egg and bake in oven for 40 minutes at 160-180 degrees. *Bechamel sauce is one of the mother sauces of French cuisine and is used in many recipes of the Italian cuisine, e.g. lasagne emiliane. Stuffed pike recipe serves 10 persons; cooking time ~ 60 minutes Ingredients: a pike, 2 onions, 200 g. whitefish fillet, 1 raw egg, starch, 1 red Bulgarian pepper. Directions: Make a round cut on the head of the fish and break vertebra so that the head is hanging on a skin. Clean it out of gills and entrails. Peel it thoroughly. Cut with a knife or scissors in the place of fins. Prepare minced meat. Cut out pike fillet. Roast onion until light golden. Mince pike and whitefish fillet, roast onion and Bulgarian pepper. Add raw egg and a pinch of starch to minced meat. Salt to taste. Stuff a stocking of fish skin with minced meat. Roll fish into foil and steam for 40 minutes at 140 degrees. Serve with mayonnaise, lemon and vegetables.