The queen of Russian billiards Olga Milovanova

St. Petersburgis home to one of the largest billiards federations. It's also home to the pride of Russian billiards - twice Russian Champion and World Champion Olga Milovanova.

The history of Russian billiards is closely associated with St. Petersburg - it was here that the game first began to develop and first became popular. During the Soviet era billiards wasn't recognized as an official kind of sport, and it was only in 1988 in Moscow that the sport formed its own Federation. A year later, the first official Russian billiards championship was held in Moscow, and it was from there that Yuri Milovanov, father of the future champion Olga Milovanova, brought back to St. Petersburg the title of First Master of Sport in Russian Billiards. Olga was 3 years old back then, and the family recalls that she learnt to knock the balls about the table before she learnt to read. Giving over all her free time to her favourite hobby, Olga quickly began to demonstrate great ability, soon winning the city's championship. Then, in 2007, came victory at the Russian Championship, following by the Russian Billiards World Championship at the age of just 23! Olga Milovanova is a goal-oriented, tenacious sports person and a striking, fascinating modern individual. In the future she plans to open her own Russian billiards school.