Nature of the Taman peninsula

The Taman peninsula, or Taman, as this part of the earth is often called, is surrounded by the Black and Azov sea. Anchorman Andrey Ivanov noticed the peninsula’s natural riches, bathed in a mud volcano, and tasted the salty waters of the sea.

The ancient earth of the Taman peninsula is one great natural and historical monument. This territory was settled by the Cimmerians, nomadic tribes who appeared in a poem by Homer. Here you can often find pottery shards that are 3,000 years old! If the ground under your feet begins to give way a little, it means you’ve come upon a mud volcano, which is the peninsula’s trademark. These volcanoes don’t spew molten lava, but invisibly boil a stew of mud, water and hydrocarbon gases in their depths, occasionally spitting it out on the surface. Channel anchorman Andrey Ivanov not only tested the temperature of the muddy lava - he bathed in it, diving right into the crater itself! In Taman, they let him feed the sturgeon in a hatchery, and catch mullet in Taman bay, not far from the Tuzla sandspit.