The «Kazanovka» museum of rock paintings

Museum-preserve «Kazanovka» is situated in Askizsky region of Khakassia Republic 127 kilometers far from the capital city Abakan. The most part of the preserve is located in the Valley Kug which is translated from the Khakass language as a «heaven on the Earth».

This Valley together with adjacent mountains and 18 thousand hectares are the Museum at open air. There are lots of outstanding objects in its territory. The most interesting are ancient rock-paintings petroglyphs. There are around one and a half thousand such carvings in the Kazanovka. With the help of roc-paintings ancient people used to define the place of their living, as well as ground fo r rituals. There types of petroglyphs are known, they are morning, day and evening. They were painted on the rock according to the extent it was lighted in different day time and were seen only at certain time. The presenter of RTG TV Alexandr Uvarov drove throughout the Kazanovka, embraced the stone of 4 thousand years old for curative purpose and learnt to paint with thyme.