Kuban Cossack Choir

The history and up-to-dateness of Kuban Cossack Chorus, one of the most leading ensembles of Krasnodar Krai.

The Chorus was on tour in the USA, Australia, Europe and even Africa! They are welcomed everywhere with delight. Cossack songs and dances do not leave cold even world celebrities. The history of the Chorus started in the year 1810. Kuban Enlightener Kirill Rossinsky forwarded a petition to Cossack Army Ataman and asked for approval to organize a chorus from a number of Cossacks for “grandeur liturgy under local cathedral church”. The regent Grigory Grechinsky was invited from Petersburg. The Chorus creators went around stanitsas* and picked up the most talented youths from Cossack families. In a few years the whole Kuban rang with its fame. The ensemble performed not only in cathedrals, but gave secular concerts. In the time of the Soviet Union the Chorus then and again was out of favour and was dissolved. But it rose like Phoenix from its ashes. For 30 years Victor Zaharchenko has been leading State Academic Kuban Cossack Chorus. He is a composer, professor and a hereditary Cossack. *Stanitsa is a village inside a Cossack host