Campaign cooking during the era of the Napoleonic wars

How to bake soldier bread in 8 seconds? How Russian peasant knew secret of sauces? Why onion soup never smells soup? Secrets of field cuisine will be revealed in a new film by RTG TV.

During military festivals and great historical milestones the reconstructors of 1812 events come to the village of Doronino. It's located close to Borodino. The main rule of reconstruction is to make it real, the way it was. Training and battles are held according to all rules of military art of the 19th century. And even field cuisine is that from 1812. With schsi in pots, spring water in flasks, camp rusks and hussar wine and cinnamon mix. This is the only one place to taste it. But the presenter Andrey Ivanov managed not only to taste food of before last century, but to learn cooking camp dishes of Kutuzov's and Napoleon's armies. How to bake soldier bread in 8 seconds? How Russian peasant knew secret of sauces? Why onion soup never smells soup? Secrets of field cuisine will be revealed in a new film by RTG TV.

Recipe «Onion soup»

Recipe «Soldier cakes made from rye flour»  

Recipe «Stuffed goose»  

Onion soup recipe serves 15 persons; preparation time and cooking time ~ 40 minutes Ingredients: 5 l. water, 8 white onions, 1 kg. any high-fat cheese, 2 loaves white bread, fresh and dried basil, olive oil, salt, pepper. Directions: Cut all of the onions into rings or half rings. Pour olive oil into a large saucepan and put in half of the onion. Cook until slightly brown and then add in the water. Bring the water to a boil and add in the rest of the onion little by little. Boil on medium for about 30 minutes until the onion is well-cooked and limp. Cut the cheese into small pieces and add it into the soup along with salt and pepper to taste. 1-2 minutes before the soup is finished cooking, add in the crumb of the 2 loaves of bread and the basil. Feel free to add dill or other green herbs as well. Then put the cover on the pan, letting the soup rest 15 minutes before serving. Soldier cakes made from rye flour recipe serves 10 persons; preparation time ~ 10 minutes; cooking time ~ 7-8 seconds each Ingredients: 500 g. rye flour, milk or water, 1 egg, cumin, red and black pepper, salt, 500 ml. sunflower oil. Directions: Mix the flour, egg, salt and milk to make the dough. Then add in the cumin and black and white pepper and mix again. To make the cakes, roll the dough in your hands to mold it into a long tube shape. Cut the dough into 2 cm. pieces. Flatten or roll out the pieces into thin little pancakes. Pour the sunflower oil into a high-edged frying pan. Bring the oil to a boil. Lower the pancakes into the oil with a fork or spatula. Fry them on each side for 3-4 seconds – not more. Serve the cooked pancakes with soup or by themselves. Stuffed goose recipe serves 10-15 persons; preparation time ~ 30 minutes; cooking time ~ 60 minutes Ingredients: 1 3-5 kg. goose. Ingredients for the stuffing: sauerkraut, goose liver, dried fruits (soak for 2 hours before making the stuffing). ***Eye how much of everything you use. All ingredients should be used in a 1:1 ratio.***Ingredients for the sauce: 500 g. sour cream, 5 cloves garlic, black and red ground pepper, salt, 10 potatoes, large cabbage leaves, 5 apples. Directions: To make the sauce, finely chop the garlic and mix it with the sour cream and spices. Let it stand for a while to absorb the flavours. To make the stuffing, chop the goose liver and mix it in a bowl with the sauerkraut and dried fruit. Remove the insides from the goose and rinse the bird with water. Stuff the goose from the tail and then sew it closed using linen or cooking thread. Rub the sauce all over the outside of the goose. Chop the potatoes into coins. Then place them on the bottom of the oven-safe pan you plan on cooking the goose in to serve as a type of pillow that will prevent the goose from overcooking. Set the goose on top of the potatoes. Wash and cut all of the apples in half. Then place the halved apples face-down all over the goose. Cover the parts of the bird that stick out – the tail, wings neck and rump – with the cabbage leaves to keep the goose from drying out. Now you are safe to put the bird in the preheated cooker or in the fire. It should be cooked on medium heat for about 2 hours. Be sure to check the goose often to see how fast or slowly it’s cooking.