Buddhism in Kalmykia

The Buddhist republic Kalmykia which is forbidden in the steppes of Volga is tremendous and mysterious.

Between Stavropol Territory, Republic Dagestan and three areas - Volgograd, Astrakhan and Rostov the boundless steppes of Kalmykia are stretched. Surprisingly, but inhabitants of this republic profess the Buddhism which is very rare for Russia! How come this religion has got to depth of the Eastern Europe? History is a surprising thing! And how could oirats, aboriginals of these places, and modern Kalmyks keep here ancient traditions and religion of the country of snow - the presenter Irina Pudova will tell you. Together with the presenter you can visit the biggest Buddhist temple in Europe - Kalmyks call it «hurule» - the Gold Temple of Buddha Shakjamuni, also you will see a unique gold statue of Buddha and «the revived» teachers - the pandidts!