Ascent into the mountains of the caucasus

Caucasus is a perfect place for those who prefer active lifestyle. RTG TV has chosen the most exciting activities for you - jeeping, mountain climbing and paragliding.

The program begins with jeep driving. Actually jeeping stands for a drive on vehicles with cross-road capacity overcoming natural obstacles. Though jeeping doesn't require any special trainings it leaves absolutely unforgettable impression. Having forced the river in Psaho Canyon together with the presenter Irina Pudova, our viewers suddenly find themselves in box forest. Box is one of the eldest trees in the world, it grows very slowly, approximately 1-2 centimeters a year but it lives until 500 years. Going up the road «Via Ferrata» and climbing sheer cliffs can be done only under supervision of experienced instructor. From the top you can enjoy a spectacular view of Caucasian mountains and Chugush, Achishho and Pseashho peaks and deep inside the canyon there is Agura River. The most amazing part is waiting for you at the end - this is paragliding from 2 kilometer height.